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Community members work in garden

Anyone can use pictures to advocate for a group or to promote awareness around an issue. Use photos in

print or online to tell a story, send a message,

or advocate for cause.

Food Youth Initiative

Goldsboro, NC

Wayne County

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You can use other methods and platforms to use photography as an advocacy or education tool. Now more than ever, it’s fast, easy, and free to share photos with a message online and through social media. You can make an online campaign or team up with a college, library, art gallery, or school to host an exhibit. If you’re printing pictures and don’t want to have your message directly on them, you can include a plaque next to or beneath it. Youth are usually very skilled in using social media platforms to reach big audiences. If you’re using photos to raise awareness or advocate, make sure you know what story you are trying to tell. Develop and decide on a common theme or issue you want to explain through photography. If you’re working with youth, consider letting them take their own pictures and picking out which issue they want to focus on. Telling a personal story can be difficult; using photos makes it simple, but significant.




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