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The Mitchell Yancey Substance Abuse Task Forcee, a program of PATH, began using Y2Y programming in middle schools. Samantha the Skunk is an extension of this evidence-based, youth driven, adult guided program that unites young people together towards living free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

"Samantha the Skunk" 

PATHWNC and Y2Y Applachia

Mitchell-Yancey county, NC

PATHWNC’s Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Appalachia middle school groups are leading the way in their community by educating K-2nd grade students on medicine safety through playacting.  Y2Y provides life-saving information to local children while growing their own leadership and public speaking skills through this prevention program.

Youth perform “Samantha the Skunk” skit in elementary schools. In the short play, Samantha the skunk takes medicine she finds, and then gets very sick. Samantha learns important tips about medication: 1) unknown medicine can be harmful; 2) never give yourself medicine; and 3) tell an adult if you find medicine.


Samantha Skunk has two levels of impact: The target audience of children (aged 4-7) receive a valuable message on health, and youth leadership is encouraged. Mitchell-Yancey is the only county in the state performing this nationwide skit (that is also the only early childhood medicine prevention & education resource that exists)!

  • Learn more about the history behind and origin of Samantha Skunk:

  • Connect with local youth groups (community clubs/organizations, local arts council, theater arts teachers/classes, etc.) who may be interested in performing the skit and the schools (or community groups) that could host the event.

  • Make your costumes!

  • Decide on and cater to your audience – elementary, middle, high school.

  • Create a focal, health education point – medicine, tobacco use, substances, etc.

  • Make the presentation fun & interactive! Think outside of the box:

    • Puppet show

    • Mini movie trailer

    • Shadow play

    • Sing-along




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