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Woman getting her blood pressure monitored.

Blood pressure checking stations can be

as simple as a table with a monitor.

Franklin County Government Louisburg, NC

Franklin County

Managing your blood pressure is one way to prevent hypertension and other chronic diseases that come with high blood pressure. In Franklin County, monitoring blood pressure is becoming a norm, thanks to blood pressure monitoring stations popping up at the city hall and senior center.


This healthy living initiative started as an employee wellness program and spread to the senior center, where many older adults now have access to hypertension and blood pressure monitoring education and resources. You don’t need to go to the doctor to check your blood pressure; and if you have a higher risk of developing hypertension or if you already have high blood pressure, it’s best to check it daily. Increasing the number of blood pressure monitors in frequently visited public places helps normalize measuring blood pressure and encourages more people to take preventative steps toward healthy living.


Franklin County’s blood pressure monitoring stations include portable monitoring machines for individual use and directions on how to use the machine and interpret results. Measuring blood pressure is not just for people with a chronic disease; it’s important for everyone to know their blood pressure levels and understand what those levels mean. Installing a blood pressure monitor is affordable, doesn’t take up much space and increases access in a variety of settings.

Installing a blood pressure monitoring station is inexpensive and easy to implement. It could be a simple table in your office waiting room or a private booth in your organization’s hallway. Blood pressure monitors can be purchased at stores like Walmart, Target, local medical supply offices, or bought online and typically range from $20 to $90. Consider your budget and how frequently the machines will be used to determine how many you need. You will also need instructions on how to use the machine and instructions on how to interpret results. The American Heart Association has printable tables describing healthy and unhealthy blood pressure levels. Make sure to include easy steps for using the machine that everyone can understand and follow before opening your station for use. Consider having instructions in several languages, if appropriate.




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