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A woman takes another woman’s blood pressure

Blood Pressure Coaches practice taking each other’s

blood pressure during their training. This free training is offered by Start with Your Heart, a program of the NC Division of Public Health.

Know It Control It


Please Note: This program is no longer active, however we wanted to share it as a potential model.

Know It Control It is a free blood pressure management program for people with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. The program consists of eight sessions where people learn how to self-monitor their blood pressure and how to control factors that influence it.

Each of the sessions are about 30 minutes long (15 minutes if presented in a one-on-one setting). They are usually offered every other week over a four-month period. Before or after each session, the leader takes everyone’s blood pressure and records it in an online tracking system that can be shared with participant's healthcare providers.

Here’s what participants learn in each lesson:

  • Know Your Numbers: What blood pressure numbers mean, and what can happen if they get too high

  • Check It Often, Check It Right: How to self-measure blood pressure correctly

  • Eat Smart – Slow Down on Salt: Why it is important to limit salt intake, how to track what you eat through food diaries, how to read nutrition labels, and how to determine
    serving sizes

  • Eat Smart the Mediterranean Way: How to keep blood pressure in check by following a Mediterranean diet, along with other healthy eating tips

  • Move More: Why it is important to increase physical activity, along with some easy and fun ways to be more active
    every day

  • Live Tobacco Free: How smoking can negatively impact blood pressure and resources to help smokers quit

  • Manage Your Blood Pressure Meds: How to keep track of medications, how to talk with providers about the medications they prescribe, and how to find medications at low cost

  • Keep Calm and Sleep Well: How to manage stress and improve sleep

If you think the Know It Control It program would interest people in your community, you can become an official Blood Pressure Coach by participating in a free training from Start with Your Heart. Check out the flyer below for contact information. In the training, which lasts 4-5 hours, you will learn more about the program and curriculum, how to take an accurate blood pressure reading, and how to use the online tracker. 

You will need to have a blood pressure monitor available for each of the classes. If you do not already have a monitor, Start with Your Heart may be able to help you find one. It is ideal to have a monitor available in a public place, such as a library or senior center, so people can check their blood pressure in between sessions and after the program is over.




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