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The Local Food Council gets ready to feed a crowd! Along with the featured soup, patrons also receive bread and a side salad or vegetable dish. All of these recipes are given out during the lunch so people can make their favorites again and again.

Caswell County Local Food Council Community Soup Lunch

Yanceyville, NC – Caswell County

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Caswell County Local Food Council (CCLFC) serves their community lunch on a
wide scale to dozens of people at a time, but you can adjust your size to fit your audience. CCLFC
partners with local farmers and bakeries to purchase and receive ingredients from. They choose to serve
vegetable based soups for cost and quick preparation reasons, but feel free to add your favorite protein

to your own lunch. Whether it be soup, a salad bar, or a full entrée including side dishes, your
community lunch can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be.


Keep in mind that soups are versatile for all seasons, are easy to serve, and most people are familiar with them. You can also switch up with stews, chilis, curries, or chowders to match with what is currently in season. Remember Leslie’s trick; keep the type of soup a secret to get people to come each month!




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