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A wild gem in the northeastern area, the Roanoke River Paddle Trail offers a unique outdoor experience perfect for bird watchers, paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts. This trail connects users to other regional outdoor experiences like the Roanoke Canal Museum, Sylvan Heights Bird Park, and Moratoc Park, to name a few.     

Roanoke River Partners

Northampton, Halifax, Martin, Bertie, and Washington counties, NC

Roanoke River Partners (RRP) is a grassroots non-profit which connects five North Carolina counties (Northampton, Halifax, Martin Bertie, and Washington) through its rural development initiatives. Formed in 1997 in response to a declining economic climate, RRP has cultivated partnerships and garnered support to develop and market the region as a destination for outdoor adventures and small town experiences – capitalizing on the area’s natural and cultural assets as a source for new enterprise.

As a pioneer of this type of development, RRP is considered the “grandfather” of multi-county water-based trails which offer camping platforms. RRP constructed the Roanoke River Paddle Trail amidst one of the largest intact bottomland hardwood ecosystems in the Southeast.  This trail is lush with wildlife and offers a unique wilderness experience for paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts.

As intended, the trail has attracted outdoor enthusiasts from across the United States and beyond. These visitors bring much needed revenues to the communities along the Roanoke. Trail users positively impact local communities by purchasing gas, food, and other supplies. Projections based on a recent study by NC Growth demonstrate that RRP’s operations return well over $600,000 to the regional economy annually.

“RRP had the vision, creativity, and perseverance to develop a natural network of paddle trails, cultivate a successful economic development plan and, ultimately empower a community,” remarked Sammy Cox, regional paddler and coordinator for Pocket Guide to the Albemarle Sound.

RRP is a living example of a public/private partnership that has made their region more livable, desirable, and sustainable.

Do Your Research:

  • What types of wildlife are nearby? Where are your natural bodies of water located? What kinds of ecosystems inhabit your area?

  • How are your parks and trails?

Explore your natural surroundings:

  • Talk with your local Parks and Recreational department for outdoor spaces to explore.

  • Connect with outdoor enthusiasts and pick their brain for areas they frequent.

  • Get outside and get moving – take a friend, organize a group, or venture yourself!



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