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Community members work in garden

People of all ages gather in the garden to harvest produce. Younger children love playing the dirt and learning about gardening from older generations.

Messiah UMC Community Garden Vale, NC

Lincoln County

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If you already have an established community garden, whether it belongs to your church, your community center, your neighborhood or another organization, you can partner with local food crisis services to donate fresh produce. Start with the people you know. Messiah UMC partnered with Christian Ministries because one of their own members had worked with them before. Religious organizations are often a good place to start because they often rely solely on donations from the community and frequently need fresh produce. Make sure you develop a donation plan so partner agencies know how much and how often to expect produce and have a plan for distribution.  Also, check to see if there are any food safety or delivery protocols you will need to follow to donate produce.




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