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Volunteers making soup!

North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry make it possible for food bank users to get access to a free, healthy protein source. Use your passion for hunting for good  and get more venison into food banks near you.

Eagle’s Wings and Hunters

for the Hungry

Washington, NC –  Beaufort County

Eagle’s Wings Food Pantry does more than provide non-perishable food items and produce to 500 families a month. They also give out something most food pantries dream about giving away: meat. By partnering with Hunters for the Hungry, a hunger relief nonprofit in North Carolina, Eagle’s Wings can provide venison at no cost to Beaufort County families.


Hunters for the Hungry helps hunters donate extra deer meat during the hunting season to hunger relief agencies and food pantries like Eagle’s Wings. All the venison is processed by licensed meat processors, who are compensated for their work. The quickly growing deer population creates an excess of venison, which can be donated. Deer populations are kept under control (a big help to local farmers); food banks receive free protein donations; and participating families gain access to a healthier protein option at the food bank where they already get regular donations.

Healthy protein options are making their way into more people’s homes thanks to a partnership between Hunters for the Hungry and Eagle’s Wings.

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Hunters for the Hungry serves hunger relief organizations across the state.  Donated venison must be delivered to a Hunters for the Hungry designated processing facility and inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. After the deer has been processed, frozen packages of venison are given to hunger relief agencies for distribution. You can partner with Hunters for the Hungry either as a hunter or food donation agency. Drop off sites for deer are in Beaufort, Columbus, Edgecombe, Harnett, Jones, Pasquotank, Washington, and Wayne Counties, and processors are located across the state. To join the network of hunger relief agencies, you can visit the Hunters for the Hungry website and become a partner. Put your food agency’s cold storage unit to use by providing your community a free, lean protein option or add a new menu item to your soup kitchen’s menu by taking in venison from Hunters for the Hungry.




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