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"The maps contain user-friendly symbols, street names, and geographic locations to easily seek out a wide variety of active opportunities. “Where to take my family, myself, to be active and to help improve my health can be found here.” – Audrey Hardy

Get Fit Stay Fit Roanoke - "Places to Explore, Move and Play"

Roanoke, NC

Halifax and Northampton ranked 94th and 92nd out of 100 counties in North Carolina for health outcomes in 2018. Roanoke Valley Community Health initatives wants people to know that there are plenty of places in their commmunity where they can start getting healthier! They created their "places to Explore, Move and Play" map as a user-friendly reference to help community members find and use local healthy places. It identified things like community organizations, pools, farmers markets, parks, trails,s senior centers, playgrounds, and more available for all to enjoy. This tool serves families and individuals by pointing themt o healthy spaces in their own backyard! 

Each map features a key with symbols that indicate a wide range of physical, as well as nutritional, cultural, and environmental opportunities. For an example, sport symbols lead to athletic fields and recreational centers. The fish symbol represents Fishing Creek Canoe Trail, and a bird symbol makes Sylvan Heights Bird Park. 

The maps also show activities that involve people locally. Northampton's map, for example, displays everything from the location of the Community Enhancement Senior Program and teh downtown Barn Farmer's Market to the County Museum and Library (Woodland). 


This innovative tool is displayed throughout the community atlocal schools and new activities are added every year! 

Here is how you can DIY a Get Fit Stay Fit Roanoke “Places to Explore, Move, and Play” map for your own community:

  • Practicality: “Places to Explore, Move and Play” makes finding already existing resources easy. Start by brainstorming a list of places during your local community, school, and church meetings.

  • Accessibility: Quick and updated, the maps help users easily navigate. Gather addresses and talk with your local parks and recreation department for mapping and the best locations to feature.  Make sure to include hours of operation.

  • Diversity: A range of different activities is important. Think outside of the box about places that are both unique to your community and incorporate activity.  





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