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-COOK Five ingredient soups-

Volunteers making soup!

Caswell County's Local Food Council is serving more than just lunch on Wednesdays. Their delicious, healthy meals are making it easy to bring people in the community together each month.

Caswell County Five Ingredient Soups Yanceyville, NC

Caswell County

Everyone wants quick, easy, affordable – and healthy! – lunch and dinner options.  People in Caswell County have found the perfect solution: Five ingredient soups.


Soups are a great go-to because they can be modified for every season, made in large batches and eaten for days afterwards, and adjusted to personal taste. Caswell County Local Food Council in Yanceyville has simplified making soup by using only a few ingredients making the meal quick and affordable. The five key ingredients include vegetables and/or protein, but don’t count basics like water, olive oil, or salt. Soup recipes use vegetables that are in season, making it fresh and healthier. Eating with the seasons is also more cost effective and allows you to eat food that’s grown near you. Meat is used minimally to keep cost down and make each soup vegan- or vegetarian-friendly. The recipes are either found online or created by food council members in advance. The group prepares a different soup every month to serve at a community lunch for Yanceyville residents. Along with the free lunch, participants receive recipe cards so they can make the soup on their own.  

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Five ingredient soups are a simple idea that you can do on your own, with your family, your church, work place, or book club. Caswell County Local Food Council serves their soup on a large scale to dozens of people at a time, but you can make as little or as much as you want. You’ll need some staple ingredients to start -- vegetable stock, olive oil, salt, ground pepper, and garlic are common ingredients for most soups. From there, you can follow a recipe or make up your own. Follow Caswell’s model of using seasonal vegetables in simple ways. All their recipes are either vegan, gluten free, or vegetarian to meet most dietary restrictions. These soups can serve as bases for you to add your own favorite protein (such as meat or beans) or to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. All of Caswell’s community lunches come with a simple side salad that’s also included on the recipe card.




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