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"I found the class very informative and engaging. We are so excited about bring Oldways African American recipes to the families we serve.  There was a wide range of delicious and healthy recipes that I believe will be appealing to the large diverse population we serve.    Helping just one person in their journey to get healthy would be a blessing and in line with our mission of helping Bertie county families." - Deborah Freeman

Old Ways Nutrition Curriculum 

Ahoskie, NC

Hertford County

Oldways’ innovative cooking class program, A Taste of African Heritage, brings the African Heritage Diet Pyramid to life, showing people how to eat and cook healthfully, traditionally, and enjoyably through hands-on experience. With lesson plans that simultaneously teach history, nutrition, and cooking techniques, the program introduces participants to the rich cultural history of African heritage foods while providing them the tools they need to adopt this traditional way of eating for better health in modern day life.

Resourceful Communities previously hosted a workshop in Ahoskie, NC to train community health practitioners in teaching the Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) cooking program. Adante Hart, a longtime Oldways’ instructor, provided a brief history and overview of African foods and traditions, shared tips on leading and coordinating classes such as demoing two cooking classes from the curriculum. 


Participants observed him cook spicy chickpeas and, then, it was their turn: they helped chop veggies that went into a black-eyed pea salad. At the end of the workshop, each participant received a binder containing the ATOAH Teaching and Student Curriculum and a Certificate of Completion.  This workshop was a result of Adante and Ms. Deborah Freeman meeting. Ms. Deborah expressed great interest in becoming a trainer, so, thanks to Oldways' partnership with Adante and Resourceful Communities, the 'train the trainer' hands-on workshop was a success.

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A Taste of African Heritage is more than just a series of cooking classes. It is a wellness program that reconnects participants with vibrant ways of living to the heart of health of African American ancestors everywhere. Participants are ready to teach the class series in their own communities, too!

The Basics of A Taste of African Heritage:

  • Curriculum – a six lesson program (each lesson is 1 hour and 45minutes long) taught over the course of six weeks.

  • Audience – designed for people of all ages & interests.

  • Attend – Check out the class site directory to locate a class near you.

  • Teach – Anyone! Particularly a great resource for anyone working in nutrition, education, faith-based initiatives, community outreach work, or public health & do not need to be a professional chef!

  • Lesson plans are easily to follow and include step-by-step guides for preparing and teaching.




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