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-Cause a Pause for awareness-

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The sticker reads: "STOP...and think about the consequences before you provide alcohol to a minor." 

PATHWNC and Y2Y Applachia

Mitchell-Yancey County, NC

PATHWNC’s Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Appalachia middle school students were frustrated by underage drinking in their community. They turned this into action: Cause a pause and hold adults accountable. They created a red, stop sign-shaped sticker that read: “STOP…and think about consequences before you provide alcohol to a minor,” and placed them on wine and beer bottles in local convenient stores. Through this partnership, the youth and convenient stores made a community-wide, positive impact, together.


Youth to Youth (Y2Y) is an evidence-based, youth-driven, adult-guided program focused on preventive programming. Y2Y also brings young people together with a common bond of living free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This offers a great opportunity for local students to gain leadership skills that serve their school careers—as role models to their peers and younger students—as well as later in life as they continue to make their communities better.

  • Identify the people in your community who are involved in or contributing to underage drinking or substance abuse in your community.

  • Identify where access is greatest and substances are distributed most.

  • Start a conversation! Start talking with these groups about alcohol/drug-related issues that afflict your community and vulnerable populations

  • Replicate the “shock sticker” from the template above and create your own awareness message

  • Get the world out! Post on actual items, in frequented areas, outdoors…etc!




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