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Small, serene area with greenery and seating.

This pocket park used to be an empty alley between two downtown businesses. With a little work, and some donations from community members, it has become the most popular place to eat lunch in Hayesville!

Hayesville Pocket Park

Hayesville, NC

Clay County

Tucked away off historic downtown Hayesville’s main street is small, beautiful park that was once an empty alley. The small alley was converted to a pocket park with the simple addition of a few flower beds, benches, and a beautiful mural.


A pocket park is a mini-park that is open to the public, usually occupying a small lot -- alley ways, courtyards, medians, roundabouts, or any open space that needs a little beautification. Pocket parks can be as complex as an intricate garden or as simple as mulched sitting area. They are perfect for both urban and rural towns and typically require only a little maintenance.


The pocket park in Hayesville is in a perfect location, right across the street from the court house and nestled between a restaurant and local shop. With help from the Town, the space was landscaped to include a gravel path, flower beds, park benches, a picnic table and a mural painted by Hayesville high school students. Now this alley is a perfect spot for locals to eat lunch, relax, or take a picture.

Creating a pocket park is an easy first step to beautifying a small part of your downtown, street, neighborhood, or community. Think about what’s already in your community. An alley or small lot is a perfect location for a mini-park. The Town of Haysville partnered with local high school art students to paint a mural on the back wall of the alley way. Think about community partners that can help create your park. Engaging the community not only helps provide volunteers, but allows more people to be a part of the transformation. Remember that pocket parks are supposed to be small areas, and your park doesn’t have to include every typical aspect of a park. Even a few potted plants and a bench can count as a pocket park. Don’t take on a project that will be too much to maintain. Start small and watch your pocket park grow!




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