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Volunteers making soup!

The Hildebran Branch Library opens their kitchen for a Diabetes Prevention Program and to high school students for weekly cooking classes.

Burke County Public Library

Teaching Kitchen

Hildebran, NC – Burke County

Burke County’s Public Library now provides the town of Hildebran with more than books. After a major renovation, the library reopened to include a senior center, banquet hall, and a brand -new teaching kitchen, which will be home to Diabetes Prevention Programs, cooking classes for high school students, and other programs.


Burke County’s new kitchen comes fully stocked with cooking equipment, oven, stove top, microwave and dishwasher. The kitchen can fit 15 people for cooking demonstrations and classes. The Burke County Hildebrand Library renovations included the teaching kitchen to promote the small-town library as a dynamic community center.

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For individuals or organizations looking for ideas on where to put teaching kitchens or demonstration rooms, consider spaces your community already has that are regularly used by community members. Existing public spaces can often be expanded more affordably than constructing a brand- new building. Using a common public space like a library to host a community teaching kitchen also increases access and comfort for community members. 




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